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Expertise means skills and experience

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C-Scale Software is a full cycle software engineering and development company with focus on embedded devices that delivers quality software services using world-class technological expertise and best practices in business process analysis and modeling.

Embedded Development

Embedded applications require proficiency in a lot of different fields and always staying up to date with current technology and tools.

GSM Development

GSM networks rely on several protocols and applications in order to deliver stable coverage for both voice and data traffic and the performance of these is highly important to all mobile operators.

Web Development

Having a web presence is one of the main channels for advertising and sales for many companies. The look, functionality and ease of use of your website reflects directly in your company's earnings.

Mobile Development

Mobile Apps must be fast and light in order to work on a huge ammount of mobile devices, but at the same time they must look good and provide the functionality the company needs in its customer's pocket.